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SB2 Injunction now in force as of January 6th on Sensitive Places!

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We have been providing CCW Training for several years by appointment.   We offer CCW Training in compliance with the NEW PC26165 SB2 requirements for initial and renewal applications. A Course Completion Certificate is awarded at the completion of the course to submit with your application.

We also do not conduct group classes!

We train one-on-one for

a better outcome!

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For more information, please call (925) 818-6642 or email




My name is Rose, and I have designed these "Animated Lessons" on the Fundamentals of Shooting, Aiming, Breath Control, Trigger Control, Grip, and Follow Through, with full audio narration that you will find nowhere else on the web.

"I really had a lot of fun working on each one of these lessons. Being an instructor out at the range, and then having the chance to create something like this has been awesome! For you, it will be more like a one-on-one lesson that you can review as many times as you like.  These lessons were created using computer-generated text-to-speech. It was done this way to keep the file size smaller, thereby reducing data usage. There is a menu bar at the bottom that will allow you to pause, rewind, fast forward, skip or turn the sound off.  I feel these may help you get acquainted with handling a firearm before you need to use it".

Below each link we list everything that is covered in each lesson. If you like what we are doing Bookmark us in your toolbar by adding this Favicon.  


Introduction to Aiming, The Quality of the Handgun, Length of the Barrel, The Quality of the Ammunition, Ammo Type, Accuracy in Bullet Calibers, Weight of the Bullet, AIMING: Dominant Eye, Eyesight of the Shooter, Sight Alignment, Front & Rear Sights

The Fundamentals of Hold Control, Revolver Versus Semi-Auto Grip, Revolver Grip, Semi-Auto Grip, Grip Pressure Ratio, Bad or Dangerous Methods for Gripping the Pistol, Fit the Gun to your Hand, Recoil, Stance and Bench Rest Positions, Weaver Stance, The Isosceles Stance, Steps to Sighting in your Gun, Using a Bore Sight Laser Device.

Trigger Control, Controlling you Grip Pressure, "Single" and "Double" Action Triggers, and The Surprise Break.


Bench Rest for Sighting in Your Gun, Bench Rest Position as a Training Tool, Bench Rest Position for Home Defense, Steps to Sighting in Your Gun, Using a Bore Sight Laser Device.

Fundamentals of Follow Through, Firing Sequence, Common Follow Through Errors, How to Practice Follow Through, Follow Through Drills.

To shoot accurately you should become aware of your breathing.   Breathing causes motion, so it must be controlled.   The key to accuracy is to squeeze the trigger while holding your breath!

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