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Judge Benitez issued an injunction against
California banning standard capacity magazines!

Click to read the Injunction!
Last week the state filed an emergency request with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stay the injunction against the ban. The emergency stay asks for the status quo to stay in place while the full appeal moves through the court. The state requested that the court keep the ban in place, but did not challenge the "grandfathering in" of those people who already have magazines with more than 10 rounds in their possession.

The Ninth Circuit Court granted the stay on the injunction and extended that stay until October 10th when we should know the outcome.  The Ninth Circuit also decided to take up the Duncan appeal with the original en banc panel, thus skipping over the traditional three-judge panel usually employed for such hearings.

The judges from original three-judge panel were not happy about this move, and expressed great vitriol towards their fellow judges for passing over them, but CRPA believes that this move will make the Duncan case move more quickly through the appeals process and lines this case up as one of the first in line to be heard in the next session of the Supreme Court.  In short, this may have saved two years of litigation by the court choosing to place the appeal with the en banc panel right away.

Here goes Gov. Newsom again!
Today he signed AB28 adding 10% ADDED TAX on
Guns and ammo sold in California!
Read it here!

Active Shooter Training!

Law Enforcement constantly trains to respond to Active Shooter events, but very few opportunities exist for civilians to receive similar training. With the serious increase in active shooter situations shown on TV nearly every day civilians should know how to respond. We have a program that will provide exposure to active shooter events and what you can do to respond if you find yourself in that situation. 

Click on Training Services on the top MENU bar for more info or: 

please call (925) 818-6642 or email

Glock grip mod-improvement!

We now offer a complete grip stipling to greatly improve the grip area all around the grip.

The finger grooves can be removed, and the trigger guard double-undercut to alleviate your grip middle finger rubbing, and a stippled recess is formed just forward for the index finger of your support hand. 

The mod-improvement is all hand-done and is available for all Glocks and most Polymer-framed pistols. 

The complete cost for the full mod package is $250, which can be discounted for multiple frames submitted together. 

C​CW Training!


We have been providing CCW Training for several years by appointment for both Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Pittsburg Police Department.   We can now offer CCW Training in compliance with the NEW PC26165 requirements for initial applications.  After the classroom,  we comply with the live-fire requirement at any available range of your choice. An 8-16* hour Course Completion Certificate is awarded at the completion of the course to submit with your application.




*Hours are dependent on the issuing Agency! 


For more information, please call (925) 818-6642 or email




My name is Rose, and I have designed these "Animated Lessons" on the Fundamentals of Shooting, Aiming, Breath Control, Trigger Control, Grip, and Follow Through, with full audio narration that you will find nowhere else on the web.

"I really had a lot of fun working on each one of these lessons. Being an instructor out at the range, and then having the chance to create something like this has been awesome! For you, it will be more like a one-on-one lesson that you can review as many times as you like.  These lessons were created using computer-generated text-to-speech. It was done this way to keep the file size smaller, thereby reducing data usage. There is a menu bar at the bottom that will allow you to pause, rewind, fast forward, skip or turn the sound off.  I feel these may help you get acquainted with handling a firearm before you need to use it".

Below each link we list everything that is covered in each lesson. If you like what we are doing Bookmark us in your toolbar by adding this Favicon.  


Introduction to Aiming, The Quality of the Handgun, Length of the Barrel, The Quality of the Ammunition, Ammo Type, Accuracy in Bullet Calibers, Weight of the Bullet, AIMING: Dominant Eye, Eyesight of the Shooter, Sight Alignment, Front & Rear Sights

The Fundamentals of Hold Control, Revolver Versus Semi-Auto Grip, Revolver Grip, Semi-Auto Grip, Grip Pressure Ratio, Bad or Dangerous Methods for Gripping the Pistol, Fit the Gun to your Hand, Recoil, Stance and Bench Rest Positions, Weaver Stance, The Isosceles Stance, Steps to Sighting in your Gun, Using a Bore Sight Laser Device.

Trigger Control, Controlling you Grip Pressure, "Single" and "Double" Action Triggers, and The Surprise Break.


Bench Rest for Sighting in Your Gun, Bench Rest Position as a Training Tool, Bench Rest Position for Home Defense, Steps to Sighting in Your Gun, Using a Bore Sight Laser Device.

Fundamentals of Follow Through, Firing Sequence, Common Follow Through Errors, How to Practice Follow Through, Follow Through Drills.

To shoot accurately you should become aware of your breathing.   Breathing causes motion, so it must be controlled.   The key to accuracy is to squeeze the trigger while holding your breath!

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