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With the rise in crime people who have never owned a gun before are going out and just buying whatever they can find. This has been a troubling time for everyone. Because of that there are not a lot of firearms available. DON’T JUST BUY WHATEVER GUN YOU CAN FIND!


Home Defense & Basic Handgun:

In this time of rising crime people may become frightened, and feel they need a gun to protect themselves. Our feeling is, DON’T JUST BUY A GUN WITH OUT KNOWING HOW TO USE IT SAFELY! When you do, you become a danger to yourself and others! If you are a first time gun owner, we strongly believe that anyone who buys a gun should do some research on which one best fits your needs, and then get some training before you purchase it.

Our website is dedicated to training and helping people find the best firearm for their needs. We also teach you how to make your environment safer for you and your family. We like to start there with explaining the soft points of entry in your home or apartment. Explaining levels of awareness. If in the end you feel you could never fire a gun to protect yourself, then we will try to talk you out of buying one, and give you alternate ways to protect yourself.  


Home Defense - Basic Handgun course:

  • We conduct the 3+ hour program PRIVATELY in your home.
  • The cost is a flat $250 cash within a 25-mile radius of Pleasant Hill. 
  • Further away will incur a minimum travel charge.

The Home Defense – Basic Handgun course is a 3+ hour audio-visual program that includes:

  • Laws on liability in defending your home. 
  • General safety awareness.
  • Ways to improve the safety of your home by creating safe-rooms and reviewing vulnerable points of entry.
  • If you already own firearms, we can train you to handle them competently and safely.
  • If you have not purchased a firearm yet, it would be to your benefit to go through the course first before making that purchase. We have samples of handguns to see how they feel and fit, and which might be appropriate for your needs.
  • Laser training, using our firearms or yours, to practice sighting and dry-firing at laser targets.



The range used: 

Richmond Rod and Gun Club, 3155 Goodrick Ave., Richmond, CA 94801, 

on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays privately by appointment.

(Too busy on weekends). Range time is limited to four persons at a time.  All instructor fees must be paid in cash

What are the Costs 

Costs for Handgun Training:

  1. One-on-One instruction (range only) Client supplies gun(s) and factory ammo (no reloads allowed).
        a. 1st hour $150, additional time at $60 per hour prorated. (Per person*)
  2. One-on-One instruction (range only) Guns and ammo supplied by Instructor such as .22LR and transitioning to .38SPL
        revolver, 9MM semi-auto, etc. Guns and minimum sample ammo (5-10 per gun) supplied.
        a. 1st hour $225, additional time at $60 per hour prorated. (Per person*)
  3. One-on-One instruction (range only) Client supplies factory ammo using Instructor’s guns.
        a. 1st hour $175, additional time at $75 per hour prorated. (Per person*)

*"Per Person" means one person shooting one gun at a time. If two+ people are shooting only one gun, "Per Person" doesn't apply! Then it's the basic hourly fee, etc. Example: Two people each with a gun, the "Per Person" applies if each has their own bench and target. If they share a bench and shoot one at a time, then the basic hourly fee applies. 

We also train with Shotguns and Rifles!  Contact us for costs. 

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