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In these trying times there is only one thing that really counts, and that is your safety and the safety of your family! People find that feeling of safety in many ways. Some just in owning a gun, some in owning a gun and knowing fully how to use it and maintain it, others in making sure that a gun is taken away from people who shouldn't own it. . . It is up to US as gun owners to become fully trained on how to properly use and maintain the firearm of our choice. Stand up and be counted when called to do so, and never misuse or abuse our God given right of self-defense!

About our website!

As a firearm instructor for over 50 years I have been privileged to instruct military personnel, law enforcement personnel, and private men and women. I started out early on as a young adult. I joined the NRA when I was 19, and I am a Life Member. Back then, in the 1960s, you could purchase a surplus Colt 1911 .45 for $17 from the NRA! I not only bought one of those back then, but also an M1 Carbine for $17. I wish I still had them as they are now worth over 1000% more!

In 1967 I was a Reserve Deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff. My duty handgun was a .38SPL Colt Officer's Model Match - a superb handgun, and if you ever find one, buy it! On March 20, 1967 my partner, Reserve Deputy Michael Wigderson (Milton Berle's Nephew) was gunned down standing next to me! He was hit in the chest with two .22LR hollowpoints and died a few minutes later. I was within 1 foot away when the first two .22 rounds were fired at us by a LASO training instructor at the East LA academy. Mike and I were demonstrating a felony stop when the instructor leaped from his car, pulled a .22 revolver from his waistband and started firing at us. At the time I had exited the pax side of our patrol car and moved around the rear to stand next to Mike. As I approached Mike the instructor fired at us again. Mike was hit twice in his chest (no vests then) and he fell over on me. I placed him across the front seat as other deputies raced toward both us and the instructor. To be fair, the instructor thought his .22 was loaded with blanks, but he never inspected the weapon prior to the training exercise by his own admission. REST IN PEACE MIKE! YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY PRAYERS! 

This tragedy had a profound effect on me and I became obsessed with proper training and safety.

Honor and support the brave, encourage the young to become good citizens, 

and protect your family!

Moving forward in life. . .

In 1979 I was a Reserve Deputy/Pilot for the San Bernardino County Sheriff, and resigned in 1984 to pursue other activities. I continued my firearm instruction, which continues to the present time.

Besides the NRA, another excellent organization is the "100 CLUB"!  The 100 Club was founded by a group of concerned citizens who care about the welfare of families of peace officers and firefighters who lost their lives as a result of, and while in the line of duty. Google the one in your county and join! The 100 Club provides immediate assistance for the families of slain law enforcement and firefighter personnel. Immediate cash payments are delivered to the families to assure that expenses are covered for things such as food, rent or mortgage payments, until other funding kicks in. The 100 Club has been in existence for over 50 years! Get involved!

Lastly, it is my continuing goal to accomplish two things: the first is to assure that law-abiding citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment right to own and bear arms for self-protection; the second, to assure that a citizen owning a firearm maintains proficiency in using that firearm in a safe and competent manner.

If you agree with my continuing goal, please contact me!

Thank you!

Our mission in life is to give back to those who have given so much!

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